Deirdre’s sensitive and observant approach to teaching is a rare gift. She invests time and energy into each and every student ensuring that everyone develops regardless of their level. The subtle tips she has given me on alignment and posture have really made a difference to my practice.

Tara Klein


I started beginners yoga with Deirdre in early 2016 and I was genuinely pleasantly surprised with the impact it made on me. After just a couple of yoga sessions, I was sleeping better, the aches  in my back especially were easing out, and what was very lovely about the whole thing, was that I always felt centered after a session, (mentally and emotionally more together).
It’s very easy to expect so much from ourselves nowadays, pushing ourselves to the limit and  in danger of feeling frazzled and spread out between so many different demands. If you only do one kind thing for your mind and your body every week, please do a yoga session with Deirdre.
Deirdre’s kindness, patience and sense of humour add to the whole experience and I always feel like Deirdre gets a real kick out you progressing, understanding body and getting stronger and happier.



I thoroughly enjoyed both Deirdre’s Somatic class and her adjustments during our Vinyasa flow Yoga classes in Spain. Deirdre has a lovely way of teaching and I found her to be very intuitive in her adjustments. She has a lovely presence and makes you feel very relaxed and reassured. I would highly recommend her classes.



Attending a class or a workshop in Somatics with Deirdre is such an enriching experience. You feel as though you are held in the palm of her hand as she guides you through the various movements with clarity, ease and exploration. She has a deep understanding of what she is teaching and coaxes and prompts you to feel and tune into what is happening and connecting in your body. The movements are very gentle and slow and often doing the movements slower and smaller has the greater impact. I leave her class feeling light, balanced and relaxed.



Deirdre always created a very welcoming and open atmosphere in her Monday night class in Allenwood and she focused on each person within the class to ensure we were all getting the most out of each of the poses. Each week brought something new and I always left the class feeling more relaxed, de-stressed and energized. I am looking forward to the next round of classes and would highly recommend anyone interested in trying Yoga for the first time or looking to expand their current practice to include some additional methods/techniques to join one of Deirdre’s classes.

Denise Walsh


Deirdre is one of those exceptional teachers that is very sensitive and intuitive in relation to mind-body issues. Deirdre assisted me on a Teacher Training intensive in Spain recently. The students loved her ! They found her to be very intuitive and gentle in her approach. She had an amazing capacity to draw people’s presence back into the moment and establish the correct focus in the work. She encourages people to really listen to they bodies. She carries a very sensitive energy that my students and I both appreciated very much. My advice is check her out !

Carol Murphy, Green Lotus Yoga


Deirdre has a wonderfully calm and reassuring presence which is evident in her classes. I had a long term shoulder injury which I was struggling with when I had the good fortune to find myself in Deirdre’s Somatics class. The gentle repetitive movements were just what was needed. I noticed an almost immediate improvement. Somatics makes an excellent addition to other more active forms of Yoga and exercise. Deirdre is supportive, caring and understanding. She also has excellent anatomy knowledge. I can highly recommend her, go for it!

Jo Stephens


Deirdre’s intuitive and sensitive adjustments gave me the confidence to go deeper into my practice, showing me that my body could manage and thus achieving poses I thought otherwise impossible for my body. Thanks Deirdre!