Somatic Movement Education is a gentle approach to Somatics D A & cexercise which can help to restore natural movement.

You may not have heard of it before so I have tried to answer some questions which you may have below.

What is it like?

The exercises are mostly carried out lying on the floor. Blankets and pillows are sometimes used to comfort and support the body.

The movement sequences are practiced slowly with awareness. Think of Somatics as an exploration of movement and not as something to rush through. Ease and mobility develop over time. The quality of motion is always comfortable. There is no stretching or straining involved.

What is Somatics?

It reverses the root cause of muscle pain and muscle tension by improving how the brain senses and organises movement. The word Somatics is quite new. It comes from the Greek word for body – Soma. In Somatics we use the word Soma to describe the perception and experience of our body from within. By focussing our attention on what we are experiencing, we become more aware of how we move. Somatics is based on the principle that by moving with awareness, our body can begin to restore itself towards a state of health.

How does it work?

The slow mindful movements of Somatics initiate a neuromuscular re-education process. Through these slow LearnSomatics41exploratory exercises, communication is re-established between our muscles and our brain. In this way our brain can regain sensory awareness and voluntary control of our muscles. With practice this sensory motor training resets our muscle length, resulting in more relaxed muscles. 

In general, our coordination and posture is improved, allowing physical movement to become more comfortable in everyday life.

How Somatics can help you?


Somatic movements can be easily integrated into any physical exercise practice. It can help with many issues from mobility for the aging, through to pain/stress management and injury rehabilitation.

Results from regular practice can include improved balance, coordination, support, resulting in more fluidity in walking and running.

Also, the increased mindfulness can have an overall soothing effect on our central nervous system and our stress levels.

No experience is necessary and so all are welcome.



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