NamasteHatha Somatic Yoga is a Hatha Yoga Class infused with Somatic Movement Education. It is a gentle class which aims to create more space and freedom in the body. The movements explored aim to bring lightness to the spine, along with flexibility and stability to the hips and shoulders.

We work with the body and the breath to develop safe structural alignment, body mind awareness and conscious breathing so as to enhance natural range of motion in functional movement.


Surylila-class-2The class is suitable for all, as it is a gentle style of Yoga. Students are encouraged to move at their own pace, to explore and to listen to the feedback from their body. The postures can be modified so that anyone can enjoy the benefit. Each class finishes with a deep relaxation.

With regular practice of Hatha Somatic Yoga we learn to sense and relax muscles, allowing the body to let go of any physical or mental tension. The whole central nervous system unwinds and relaxes, helping to release the daily stress of a busy lifestyle. By cultivating balance in body and mind it can bring a sense of well-being back into your life.


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