Somatic Movement Education
Myth of Aging 6 Week Course

Somatic Movement Education is a gentle, safe and highly effective way to end chronic pain, improve balance, flexibility and posture and relieve day-to-day stress.

About the Course
During this 6-week course, you will learn how to restore comfort and flexibility without stretching or force. Reduce stress, anxiety and muscular aches and pains through slow natural yawn-like movements that keep muscles functioning optimally. By the end of the course you will have a simple self-care routine which will gently release and realign your body. These Simple Somatic Movements can make you feel younger, move better and feel more comfortable in your body.

The Myth of Aging

The Myth of Aging refers to the belief that as we get older our physical ability declines and we become more and more restricted in our movements. This need not be the case!”

Thomas Hanna the developer of Somatic Education developed a series of classes which he called the Myth of Aging series to counteract this. The Myth of Aging series is designed to teach students a series of very gentle, easy movements that are done comfortably on the floor. Through awareness and movement, they sequentially unwind holding patterns in the body. You will free muscle systems in the shoulders, hips, back, abdomen, chest, and sides. This enables you to enjoy the normal activities in your life, such as walking, running, yoga, sports, and everyday functional movements, with more pleasure and ease.

Course Program
Here’s what we’d be focusing on each week.
week 1: release the muscles of the front of your body
week 2: release the muscles of the back of your body
week 3: learn how to release and lengthen your waist muscles
week 4: learn how to increase the mobility involved rotating your torso
week 5: learn how to increase the mobility of your hip muscles
week 6: put it all together into your self-care routine
Give your body and brain 6 weeks to sense and make changes, and be amazed at how much younger you feel!

No experience is necessary and so all are welcome.